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مدونة غربة هي مدونة سياسية يديرها الطالبان الاردنيان علاء ربابعة وغازي جرار. أطلقا اسم غربة على المدونة لأنهما يعيشان خارج وطنهم الحبيب، فعلاء يدرس في الولايات المتحدة وغازي يدرس في كندا. يأمل علاء ربابعة وغازي جرار من خلال هذه المدونة أن يناقشا الشؤون السياسية لمملكة لطالما قبعت بين طيات النسيان واسئ فهمها في الوسط الغربي. يسعى المدونان الى تقديم طرح متزن غير منحاز يواكب التغييرات غير المسبوقة التي تمر فيها المنطقة عامة والاردن خاصة، عل في ذلك الطرح اسهامٌ في مسيرة تطور واصلاح الوطن

Ghurbeh is a political blog maintained and updated by two Jordanian students living in ghurbeh, Arabic for expatriation. Using this blog, Ala’ and Ghazi attempt to analyze the politics of an often forgotten, and misinterpreted, kingdom in the Middle East. Ala’ and Ghazi hope that through this blog they will keep in touch with their country’s ever-so-changing political scene, provide a better understanding of its transformation, and, perhaps, contribute to its growth and development.

Ghazi Jarrar:

Ghazi was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. In 2009, he attended Lester B. Pearson College in British Columbia representing Jordan. Being an international school that hosts two hundred students from a hundred different countries, Pearson College had no shortage of heated discussion about various global affairs.

Ghazi currently attends Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. He is double-majoring in history and economics. Ghazi hopes to put what he learns in class into practice by writing articles and commentaries.

For recreation, Ghazi enjoys reading and watching sports (football, tennis, and more recently hockey). Ghazi is also an avid ocean-kayaker. The peacefulness of the ocean gives Ghazi an opportunity to reflect on politics and current affairs.

You can follow Ghazi on Twitter: @ghazijarrar

Ala’ Alrababa’h:

Ala’ was born in Amman, Jordan, where he spent most of his life. For secondary school, he attended Jubilee School in Amman for three years before obtaining a scholarship to attend Lester B. Pearson College in Victoria, Canada. At Pearson, Ala’ spent two years with students from a hundred countries while studying the International Baccalaureate. Living at such a multicultural environment compelled Ala’ to reconsider his ideas and beliefs, which helped him evolve as an individual.

Currently, Ala’ attends Dartmouth College in the United States. Ala plans to double major in Government (with a concentration on International Relations) and Economics.

In his free time, Ala’ likes to discuss politics, read, write, and he recently regained his passion for watching soccer. Ala’ is unsure about his future plans, but he hopes to be a journalist, a diplomat, or a scholar.

You can follow Ala’ on Twitter: @a_alrababah


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